January, 2012

iSonea Limited Commences Trading on the U.S. OTCQX International

iSonea Limited Announces Publication of Initial Viriathus Research Report

December, 2011

iSonea receives Subscriptions under Rights Issue...

Shareholders Top 20 Listing

Notice of change of interests of substantial holder (RB)

Appendix 3Y: Change of Director’s Interest Notice (RH)

Notice of ceasing to be a substantial holder

Appendix 3Y: Change of Director’s Interest Notice (JK)

Notice Under Section 708A(5) of the Corporations Act

Appendix 3B: New Issue Announcement, Application for Quotation of Additional Securities and Agreement

Dispatch of Renounceable Pro-Rata Rights Issue Closure, Acceptances, Shortfall

Michael Thomas, iSonea CEO talks with BRR on launch of new iPhone Application

Rights Issue Prospectus Announcement


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Michael Thomas, CEO talks with BRR on launch of new iPhone Application - December 8, 2011


Investor Presentation December 2011

RB Milestone Group: Promising
Technology in an Attractive Industry

Full report

Prestigious Analyst Group begins coverage
of iSonea (formerly Karmelsonix)

Full report


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