April, 2012

iSonea Announces Changes to Board of Directors

March, 2012

iSonea Launches Pediatric Asthma Study

iSonea Adds Dr. David Dantzker to Board of Directors

iSonea Looks to turn a Smartphone into a Breathing Monitor

iSonea's tech is Covered for Accoustic Monitoring

Cambride Consultants Demos Asthma Training Device

iSonea Issued US Patent for Cough Detector to Diagnose Respiratory Conditions

Dr. Lynn M. Taussig Named Chairman of iSonea’s Medical Advisory Board

February, 2012

FY2012 Half Year Report

iSonea and Qualcomm Life Collaborate on Asthma Mobile Health Technology

Proactiveinvestors News: iSonea rapidly approaches commercialisation, targets US$16 billion asthma market

CEO Shareholder Update and Q2 FY2012 Results

January, 2012

New Viriathus Healthcare Report Covers iSonea, January, 2012

iSonea to present at Cappello Capital Corp Investor Conference

New Issue Announcement,
Application for Quotation of Additional Securities and Agreement

iSonea Limited Commences Trading on the U.S. OTCQX International

iSonea Limited Announces Publication of Initial Viriathus Research Report



Company Reports


FY2012 Half Year Report

2011 Isonea Annual Financial Report

Annual Report 2010

Annual Report 2009

Annual Report 2008

"The 2007/08 financial year was an important one for the completion of key product and commercial milestones. In addition it was the Company’s first full year of operations as a merged entity. The achievement of these milestones has further consolidated the Company’s ambitions to become a leading developer and producer of non-invasive clinical solutions and products for the monitoring and management of a range of respiratory conditions, including asthma, sleep apnoea and emphysema. The asthma products are the first to reach the commercial marketplace and remain the Company’s current focus..."

Annual Report 2007

"The 2006/07 financial year was one of transition for Karmelsonix Ltd (“KSX”), incorporating a move into the area of respiratory medicine, combined with a strong focus on early commercialisation of the novel devices being developed by the Company..."


Appendix 4D for the Half Year Ended 31 December 2010

Appendix 4D for the Half Year Ended 31 December 2009


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Quarterly Report September 2010

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