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Pulmotrack® - Respiratory Acoustic Monitor

Innovative New Tool for Wheeze Identification,
Characterization and Quantification


PulmoTrack® enables the continuous monitoring of wheezes, even in cases without patient cooperation. In addition to quantifying and recording each wheeze, PulmoTrack® provides:

  • Wheeze by wheeze identification
  • Accurate measurement of Wheeze Rate (the proportion of wheezing in the respiratory cycle)
  • Respiratory rate & I\E ratio
  • Classification of wheezes as inspiratory or expiratory
  • Cough Counting (FDA Pending)

PulmoTrack®, the first solution of its kind for continuous and nocturnal monitoring, is recommended for use to diagnose and manage a variety of respiratory illnesses, particularly where wheezes or coughs serve as clinical parameters.

The PulmoTrack® Respiratory Acoustic Monitor can be used for:

  • Bronchodilation Test: Measurement of response to treatment
  • Bronchoprovocation Test: Particularly for infants or other non-cooperative patient
  • Performance of physical examination: In a pulmonary function testing environment to identify and quantify the presence of wheezing

PulmoTrack® Facilitates Better Patient Management

  • Minimum patient active effort offers previously unavailable objective pulmonary symptoms documentation in all age group and continuous overnight monitoring.
  • Precise measurement of wheeze rate provides quantitative patient data.
  • Archivable and retrievable reports over a period of time enable the following of symptom trends.
  • Detailed graphic spectral display and acoustic playback features allow the review of specific records for secondary data analysis.


PulmoTrack® Brochure 

User Manual

Sensors Placement Instructions 

CE certificate

FDA Clearance

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