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October, 2012

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Acoustic Asthma Management

The iSonea technology is based on acoustic signal acquisition and processing, and advanced signal processing techniques. Acoustic markers such as wheezes, rhonchi and cough are recorded using propriety lung-sound sensors. These sensors are specifically designed for lung-sound detection and thus are more oriented in detecting sounds characteristic to asthma than normal stethoscopes.

The acquired data is analyzed by iSonea patented algorithms and signal-processing techniques, by mapping out the data’s spectral content in a graphical fashion. The software searches for spectral patterns specific to certain lung sounds, such as wheezes, rhonchi and cough, and marks their presence and duration on the graphical sonogram. Outside noises are cancelled out using patented ambient noise rejection techniques, to ensure the accuracy of physiological sound detection. The user can view a sonogram of the recording and listen to the amplified lung sounds to get a better grasp of the data.

Broncial Provocation Test Display

The criteria for detecting lung sound patterns conform to the guidelines set forth by CORSA (COmputeRized Sound Analysis), the multi-national collaboration that defined and standardized the lung sound terminology. This assures that the detection and quantification results of the PulmoTrack are universally accepted as true lung sound detections.


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