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Wheezometer® - The Only Point-of-Care Wheeze Detector

State-of-the-Art Wheeze Measuring Device

The Wheezometer® analyzes 30 seconds of breath sounds using advanced signal processing algorithms to detect, quantify and objectively document the presence of wheeze and its extent, the WheezeRATE™.

  • The Wheezometer® is calibrated and validated as determined by consensus of a panel of experts who evaluated and scored many recordings for presence of wheeze.
  • The Wheezometer® uses a cascade of 6 proprietary technologies to "defend" the signals against false detection of ambient noises as wheeze.

The Wheezometer® can be used by:

  • Physicians: Pediatricians, GPs, internists, asthma/allergy specialists.
    Nurses: Emergency, ICU/PICU/NICU, ward, asthma nurses, school nurses.
  • Technicians and Paramedics: Respiratory therapists, EMS personnel, military medics, sports paramedics, occupational health officers.
  • Patients and Caregivers: Under guidance of a healthcare professional.

WheezeRATE™: Proportion of the respiratory cycle duration occupied by wheezing - Tw/Ttot

The Wheezometer® design is based on ergonomic human-interfacing principles as dictated by functional and anatomical requirements in a state-of-the-art attractive form.

  • Facilitates the correct anatomical placement of the device in contact with the trachea at the correct contact force.
  • Provides stable contact with the skin surface for the duration of the test.
  • Isolates the measuring head and sensor from vibrations and tremor of the hand holding the Wheezometer® .
Wheezometer® provides a simple and intuitive user interface with clear Wz% readout, time and date of test, as well as specific icon indicators for unstable sensor contact and excessive ambient or patient noise.
Infant Sensor™ (optional) is used for babies and toddlers who typically have a short neck.

Wheezometer® uses:

  • Obtain a “spot check” measurement of present wheeze activity, any time, any place, as often as needed without any patient effort.
  • Measure WheezeRATE™ before and after administration
    of a bronchodilator (“pre-post” test).
  • Communicate status of homebound or remote patient to physician or healthcare professional.

Wheezometer® Specifications

System Components

Wheezometer® with embedded Black Fin® processor. Self-contained cushioned built-in silicone-coated PPG Sensor
Carrying case


PPG Sensor with broad spectrum frequency response, >60 dB dynamic range and superior ambient noise rejection


Proprietary iSonea Wheeze Detection algorithms plus comprehensive ambient noise rejection capability.


Allows scrolling of the last 10 measurements for review


2 AA batteries (not included)

Auxiliary Input

Infant sensor holder for babies and toddlers (optional)


One year limited warranty

Wheezometer® is protected by international and US patents 6,168,568; 6,261,238.
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


Wheezometer® Brochure

Wheezometer® User Guide

Operator Manual

WheezeRATE table



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