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WHolter® - Ambulatory Wheeze and Cough Holter

24-Hour Symptoms Recorder in a Patient's Own Environment

Ever wonder what a patient experiences overnight, during exercise, after a meal, or in the work place? WHolter® is the first ambulatory wheeze and cough 24-hour recorder that documents objectively and quantitatively patients with:

  • Nocturnal Asthma
  • COPD or Chronic Bronchitis
  • Occupational Asthma
  • Chronic Cough
  • Allergies
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The WHolter® is used to continuously determine and provide a detailed report

  • WheezeRATE™, wheeze time over total time
  • Inspiratory and Expiratory WheezeRATE™
  • CoughCOUNT™, number of coughs per minute/hour
  • Respiratory Rate
  • I:E Ratio

WHolter® Listens to your patient when you can't...

Overnight or 24-hour WHolter® recording used to:

  • Document Nocturnal Asthma, assess its severity and provide a clear temporal pattern of overnight wheeze activity
  • Evaluate level of Asthma control and need for Step-up or Step-down of Asthma treatment
  • Evaluate Chronic Cough patients, symptom association (e.g. exposure) and response to treatment
  • Objectively document effect of occupational and environmental (e.g. fragrances) pollutants and allergens

The WHolter® overnight or 24 hours recorder is prescribed by a physician to assess symptoms, diagnose nocturnal asthma, chronic cough etc. Dispensing the unit, including patient education, correct application of the sensors in the right locations and activation of the recorder is done in a specialized clinic, e.g. PFT Lab, Sleep Lab, Holter (cardiac, hypertension, asthma/ allergy specialist) or at the physician’s office/clinic. At the end of 24 hours or 8 hours (if only nocturnal WHolter study is indicated) the patient returns the unit, the data is uploaded and sent for analysis and interpretation.

The WHolter® WheezeRATE™ overnight record of a 24 years old asthma patient. Note the early-morning wheeze that eventually woke the patient up to administer Albuterol. The overnight average WheezeRATE was 3.7% with 86 minutes (18.6% of the night) with WheezeRATE > 5%.

The WHolter® consists of a Data Logger recording unit with a 24 hours digital recording capacity to store continuous information from 2 PPG sensors, pneumogram belt and ambient microphone. The WHolter® is supplied with a Check-in/Check-out software that allows registering a patient when the device is dispensed, upload the recorded data to the computer and prepare the unit for the next patient. Data Analysis is performed by the PulmoTrack® software package sold separately, or as part of a PulmoTrack®-WHolter® . Use of ambient microphone for event recording.

The WHolter® is intended for performing ambulatory lung sounds and respiratory activity recording on those patients who may benefit from such a recording, including, but not limited to, those with complaints of shortness of breath, wheezing, cough, and when there is a need for performing continuous acoustic pulmonary function measurements.

WHolter® Specifications

Data Logger Capacity

BGb digital recorder
Continuous recording for 24h

Analog Input

Two sound contact sensors
Pneumograph belt
Ambient microphone

Data Aquisition

16-bit, at 8250 samples per second, per channel

Contact Sensors

Two PPG sensors
Frequency range: 80-2400 Hz

Required Batteries

2 AA NiMh > 2900AH
Rechargeable batteries (not included)

Dimensions and Weight

13.8 x 7.6 x 2.6 cm
210 gr (with batteries)

Check-In/Out Software

Supplied on a CD, used to login patient and upload of data

WHolter® is protected by patents 6,168,568; 6,261,238, and by pending US and international patents. PulmoTrack-CC™, WheezeRATE™, CoughCOUNT™ are trademarked by iSonea. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


WHolter® Brochure



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