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Patients Lead the Way as Medicine Grapples with App 

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Health apps are booming in the Mobile world, but it is quite difficult to know which apps are effective for the patient and which are not. Martha Bebinger examines the need for tests that will determine efficiency.

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Success In mHealth: Shifting Focus From The ‘m’ to the ‘Health’

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Dr. Alain Labrique explains that while it may seem that the pace of mobile health innovations is slow, there are in fact successes being made in research that show us that the most beneficial mobile apps will “mimic” healthcare providers. The research being made helps us envision a future where demand will be optimized and accountability will be ensured.

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One third of patients want mHealth interactions with docs

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A recent poll by Harris Interactive and Health Day shows that patients are desiring interaction with their physicians via smartphones and tablets, which would enable them to re-fill prescriptions, receive results from diagnostic  tests, and essentially use their devices as a mobile “doctor’s office”. But Jennifer  Bresnick looks at how lack of interest on the provider side, as well as patient privacy, will stall this new push “forward” until the health-care system is on board.

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What does the ideal hospital mHealth strategy look like?

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In this article, David Lee Scher, MD, looks at how healthcare physicians can use mobile health apps to improve their system of care  by outlining a 5 step strategy that will come to their advantage.

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