AsthmaSense® Cloud – The world’s first asthma management app that combines the objective measure of wheeze with the tools you need to control your asthma.

iSonea creates software applications that allow users to monitor and better manage their asthma using their mobile phones and other handheld devices. All iSonea applications are designed to be intuitive, convenient, and easily integrated into users’ everyday lives. Our use of cloud technology ensures information is backed up continuously and accessible whenever it’s needed.

AsthmaSense® Cloud App

AsthmaSense® Cloud brings together the tools needed to manage asthma, and can alert you when your asthma is not well controlled. AsthmaSense® Cloud helps you keep track of symptoms, triggers, lung function measurements, and medication usage. Combined with AirSonea®, the system will automatically record, analyze and store your wheeze data so that physicians or family members can review the events.

Easily Share Your Progress. Real Time. Any time.

Synch with the AsthmaSense Cloud®, a web-based portal, to access and review information for multiple users in real time.

Important Data Needs a Bigger Screen
Use your smartphone to track and enter data – then easily review trends and edit data via your computer.

Your Vital Data is Backed Up. Accidents Happen.
The Cloud safely stores your profile and asthma monitoring history, protecting it in the event of phone loss, damage, or replacement. New phone? Just download and log in.

Remind Yourself. And Take Control of Your Asthma.
Set reminders for each user for medication use and peak flow testing. Receive the alerts you need to stay on top of your asthma.


Record Asthma Symptoms. Easily.
Log journal information with a few quick taps. Enter asthma symptoms, breathing function, and scheduled, unscheduled and missed medicine use – all critical to asthma self-management. Review one month of records.


Asthma Management. It’s Personal.
Use AsthmaSense for yourself or multiple users. All it takes is one smart phone to take control of your asthma.


Emergency info. At your fingertips.
When symptoms develop the Asthma Action Plan created by you and your physician is available for review with instructions. You can also simply tap on the emergency icon to speak directly with your defined emergency contact.


Learn about Asthmasense® Cloud on our consumer page.



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